Best Neighborhoods in Austin, TX

Thinking about moving to Austin, Texas? Well, it’s a great place to live. It has  plenty of things to do, including attending one of the biggest music fests in the world (South by Southwest), walking the Longhorns’ Texas-sized tailgate, and hitting up one (or more) of the many bars, restaurants and shops in the area.

But where should you actually call home? Here are the six best neighborhoods in Austin, TX, to have Austin movers drop off your stuff at:


South Congress (hipsters) – South Congress is the trendiest area of town, a neighborhood where gourmet food trucks meet upscale-dingy clothing meets happenin’ bars with happenin’ cocktails. It’s also a short shot to downtown, located just on the other side of Lady Bird Lake.

East Austin (less wealthy hipsters and/or gangbangers) – East Austin is kind of like South Congress, except it’s a bit more rundown. There are plenty of unique places and hipsy artsters in the area, but there are run-down convenience stores and violent individuals, too.

Downtown (students/young professionals) – Downtown Austin is home to many corporate offices, a row of over 60 bars and clubs, and nearby University of Texas. It is split roughly into West and East Congress, West being the financial center and East being the party center. UT is about a mile north.

Northwest Austin (Richy Rich, avid bikers) (see Bee Creek Hills, Rattan Creek) – The west and northwest of the city are known for their beautiful hills and parks, bike-able roads and super rich homes. They’re great places to raise a family, if you can afford them, and they have their own dining and shopping.

Rainey St. (starving artist/student) – Located just south of downtown, Rainey St. edges up onto the riverfront and has many divey bars and trendy coffee shops and restaurants. However, it’s still up-and-coming, meaning that while rents are cheap, vacant lots are present.

Crestview (young families) – North of the downtown and UT is Crestview and a number of other neighborhoods that have affordable-yet-nice housing and good neighborhoods communities, perfect for young families.


Learn a bit about the pros and cons of Austin, Texas.

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    Solid post, it matches what I’ve seen in Austin. Refreshing that you are so honest about the type of residents in each neighborhood. For more info on living in Austin, and Texas, check out Moving To Texas:

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