Where Are People Moving?

The American moving landscape shifts faster than the sands of the Sahara. I mean, with literally thousands of cities to move to, and nearly 100 large metros, people in the U.S. have a ton of options for moving. And where they’ll go will often depend on the circumstances at that time, such as where housing is cheap, where jobs are plentiful, where a new tax law just went into effect.

So, where are people moving? Check out our moving map to see where people are moving. Here are some trends we’ve noticed, though:

  • Sun Belt – A general trend is seeing people moving from the northern and eastern cities to the south and southwest. Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston… they’re all sucking up the populations of their northeastern counterparts, like a milkshake.
  • Coast to Coast – San Franciscans move to LA and other California cities, but beyond that? New York. And visa versa. For some reason, the coasts’ two dense city centers share a lot of residents.
  • Chicago to Phoenix Highway – A disproportionate number of people are moving from Chicago to Phoenix. I cannot say why this is, but I can say that a decade ago, I was a part of it.



Moving Map

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