What Is It Like Living in San Francisco?

Living in San Francisco is like living in perfection, if perfection could be a place. Sure, San Francisco, California has its negatives, but its culture, climate and beauty can’t be beat. Here’s a rundown of what it’s like to be living in San Francisco:

Daily sweaters – The weather in SF is weird, because it is incredibly consistent. It rarely breaches 40 degrees (low) or 80 degrees (high), and there is rarely humidity, storms, or, really, anything but fog (summer) and rain (winter). This leaves a lot of time for 60’s and sunny weather.

Walking places – San F is not fun to drive in, but this is not a problem, because walking is so easy. Public transit is great, the city is dense, and there are plenty of places to stop along your sidewalk trek.

Rent checks make you cry – Paying rent in SF is like throwing a wad of hundos into a fan, every time.

Awe-driven gazes – Sometimes you’er just walking around San Francisco, and the view of things just gets you. It’s a gorgeous place, and views of the city, of the Golden Gate Bridge, of the Oakland Hills, of the parks, and of the Pacific never get old.

Random-corner unique – The city is filled with hole-in-the-wall spots, whether five-star Italian restaurants, kindly coffee shops, or boutique clothing shops. There’s always something to discover.

Someone is naked – Living in San Francisco will subject you to a lot of naked and scantily-clad folk in SF. Some do it legally. Others not so much.

The Giants are on TV – This city loves the San Francisco Giants, and the Giants’ ballpark, located ~ 1 mile south of the city center, is a local shrine.

That beer just ran me $6, but it was good – SF has some great selection with respect to wine, spirits and beer. There’s no shortage of unique drinks or bars. However, it’s not very cheap, either.


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