Tips for Moving from a Small Town to a Big City

The big cities beckon even the small town souls. Farmboys end up wearing suits on the subway. Girls who grew up in cozy cabins end up living in big city lofts. It happens.

What if it happens to you? Here are some tips for moving from a small town to the big city life:

  1. Open your palette – Your friends and co-workers are going to be talking about exotic meals a lot. Be ready to start eating sushi, vegan, Ethiopian, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Indian and foods from places everywhere in between. Be open to these new tastes as much as possible. If you don’t like something, make sure to try it again. People like foods for a reason; remember that.
  2. Put away presumptions – You’re going to meet people of vastly different races, backgrounds and constitutions.
  3. Get to walking – The best way to learn about all the stuff going on in a big city is to jump into it. Don’t coop yourself up at home.
  4. Parklife – Wide-open nature will no longer be in your backyard. Parks will be your best bet for nearby outdoorsiness. Try visiting all the ones in your city.


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