How Going on Vacation Is Like Moving

I just got back from vacation, and you know what?  It’s a lot like moving.  Now, bear with me here…

Sure, it’s not permanent, and it usually doesn’t involve dragging furniture or pianos.  However, going on vacation requires planning, packing, and protecting your stuff, all things we see in a good move.

So, what do you need to do when going on vacation?

Pack batteries – Your cell phone, camera and computer will need charging during your trip.  Don’t forget their cords or batteries.

Bring work essentials – Yes, it’s vacation, but bring your work essentials with you in case something unexpected happens.  If someone from the office gives you a desperate call, it’ll be better to be able to answer them ASAP rather than having to figure out how to get them what they need.

Keep it minimal – Just like having too much stuff can increase the cost of your moving, bringing too much stuff can increase the cost of your vacation in the form of carry-on and bellboy fees.  Also, dragging around 50 pounds of suitcase can be a huge hassle.  Make your life easy: only bring what you need and plan on buying the rest there… get some souvenirs out of it.

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