What's It Like Moving from Big City to Small Town?

If you’re moving from a big city to a small town, there are a number of things you can do to make the transition a bit easier.

Small towns and big cities are vastly different. San Francisco has more in common with Paris than it does with Independence, California. It comes down to selection and population. Both San Francisco and Paris have representatives from across the world; they have Ethiopian markets, world-class clubs, and marble-walled museums, and their populaces argue regarding which restaurant has the best Pho.

Independence doesn’t have Pho.

Here’s are some tips for moving from big city to small town:

  • Bring spices – Your local grocer probably will not have chili paste, or exotic spices, or that random dressing you really like. Stock up, even more so than what you usually have on hand, because if you want Pho, you’ll need to make it yourself now.
  • Embrace what’s local – What will be dependably at your disposal will be local. Figure out what this is, and incorporate it into your life as much as possible. If there’s a farm nearby that grows Pasilla peppers, you better start liking Pasilla peppers.
  • Become one with nature – The glitz won’t be in any clubs; it’ll be in the night sky. The best shopping will be at the local outdoorsman store. Alter your activities accordingly.
  • Get creative – You’ll have time on your hands. Lots of it. Start painting/drawing/writing/singing/sculpting/strumming.


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