Tips for Moving Back in with Parents

Okay, so you’ve called Mom, and she said, “sure, honey, come on home. We have your bed all set up. Cujo (family dog) is waiting for you and everything.”

And everything now seems so bleak. The days of you staying up late watching TV at loud levels, or leaving your feet on the coffee table, or nonchalantly telling your significant other to come on over for some fun are over. Moving back in with parents is a tough move to make.

However, like anything else, by doing certain things, you can increase the chances of it being okay. Here are our tips for moving back in with parents:

  • Save up money – The more you save and the faster you save it, the sooner you can move back out.
  • Be friendly – The days of hating your parents should have ended when you turned 18. Be chill with them and treat them like you are fellow adults. They should do the same. If there are problems, get some basic counseling before things blow up.
  • Find a pattern – Your parents will have a well-established pattern of activity. Try to find your place in it and make your own pattern. Ideally, you’ll have time to hang out with your parents and be on your own.
  • Help out – Hopefully your parents are letting you stay rent free (otherwise, you may as well live on your own). If they are, help them out around the house a bit.


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