The Price of Moving

Moving can be an expensive affair.  According to CNN, the average cost of shipping your stuff to your new home is over $10,000.

This number might seem high, but it’s not unreasonable.  Hiring a full service moving company to transport your belongings across the nation requires a lot of time and effort on their part.  Think about it: a large truck might only get 6-8 mpg.  If you are moving from Dallas to San Francisco, that’s close to $1000 for gas alone.  A couple thousand dollars for such a move just won’t cut it.

Additionally, there is a lot that goes into moving beyond moving itself.  When making a move, you need to consider everything from pre-move visits to moving supplies to lodging.

Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to lower the cost of your move. Unfortunately, while many money-saving ideas can trim a few hundred dollars off of your total, they aren’t going to drop a $10,000 move to a $2,000 move.  The only way to drastically reduce your moving costs is to drastically change your type of move either by foregoing moving companies and doing it yourself or reducing what it is that you’re moving.

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