How to Tell Your Child You're Moving *gulp*

We all remember vividly certain special places and people from our childhood. I had a best friend, Mike. I used to spend a lot of time fishing in a small stream near our home. There was a large hill perfect for sledding behind my friend’s house.

Your child has certainly formed intimate bonds with their environment as well, and moving will rip them away from those bonds. Knowing this, it will be especially difficult to inform your child that you’re moving.

However, you’re going to have to do it, and when you do it you’re going to have to be honest. So, take a deep breath, sit your child down and tell them. When you do, make sure to discuss the three things laid out in our article detailing how to explain moving to your child:

  • Details of the move – where are you going and when?
  • Why you are moving – be honest
  • What moving will be like – be positive

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