Signs of a Bad Neighborhood

When looking for a new home, simply finding one you like is not enough. You need to find a place you like that’s in a decent neighborhood. Even Neverland Ranch would be a shady spot to live if it was located in the heart of a Detroit slum.

Finding a good neighborhood means knowing how to spot the signs of a bad neighborhood. Here are the top 8 signs of a bad neighborhood:

  1. Trash – If you see trash huddled in the corners of gutters, scattered across sidewalks, and dotting any open patch of spotty grass, you know the neighborhood isn’t well maintained.
  2. Homeless – If there are numerous homeless people in the area, it’s probably not the best neighborhood. Though many homeless people are law-abiding citizens, others are homeless for a reason; expect increased altercations and property crimes.
  3. Fast Food – If your neighborhood has a late-night fast food spot in the middle of it, expect some late-night BS.
  4. Graffiti – Though some graffiti can be downright inspiring, if the local graffiti looks like the questionable efforts of a disgruntled teen, it’s best avoided. You don’t want to look at that anyway.
  5. Vacant Houses – If a neighborhood has a number of vacant houses and lots, it’s comparable to a sick dog.
  6. Gates on Windows – Metal gates on the windows are bad signs, especially when they’re on homes and not businesses.
  7. Hospitals – A local hospital is a bad sign. Most people don’t want to live next to a hospital, because the noise can be terrible. Neighborhoods immediately adjacent to hospitals tend to be of poorer quality.
  8. Loitering – If you see people just more or less standing around on the sidewalks and in front of buildings for no apparent reason, it’s not a good sign. They probably have nowhere to go or be. That’s not someone you want around your home or kids.

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