How to Set Up a Garage Sale

Garage sales, also known as , are all about deception.  Are you not a deceiver?  Well here’s what to do…

In most cases, goods sold at a garage sale are past their prime, if they ever had a prime.  They’ve been used, abused, and are in many ways useless.  How do you sell stuff that no one wants? Deception, my friend, deception in the way you set up your garage sale.

Setting up a garage sale requires three basic levels of deception:

  • Make Your Stuff Look Decent – Take some time to clean up your stuff.  Wipe off the cobwebs and dust, iron clothes, and touch up chips in paint for more expensive items.
  • Use Real Set Ups – Don’t just toss all your stuff in a box and let people rummage it. Instead, group like items, and set them up like patrons might expect to use them.  Stack your records in neat rows; display your clothes on hangers; organize dinnerware on a dining table.
  • Employ Diversions – One of the best ways to make people feel ready to buy is to set up your garage sale with free stuff on hand.  Cookies, chips, coffee, lemonade, water bottles… They’ll all make patrons feel like they’ve already gotten a deal, so they’ll be more willing to throw $4 at your Spin Doctors cassette tape.

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