Bug-Proof Your Storage Unit

Storage units might protect your stuff from the elements and other people; however, critters are masters at gaining access to even the most impenetrable of places. Though not necessarily a rampant problem, storage units have been known to home rats and roaches. If you plan on renting a unit, you should take steps to protect your stuff just in case.

  1. Read reviews of the storage facility. If a healthy number of reviewers complain of pests, it’s best not to rent there.
  2. Check the unit for droppings and holes or cracks that could provide access to vermin prior to signing the contract.
  3. Cover your stuff. Mattresses and soft wood furnishings should be covered in plastic.  If you protect it, your stuff should be fine even if a few roaches do get in.
  4. Use traps – place mouse traps and bug traps around the storage unit, and check them every couple of months.

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