Reasons Why People Move

Over 37 million people move each year, and I can guarantee you that almost all of them had different reasons for moving. The reasons why people move are limitless – as numerous as the stars, as random as sand, as personal as the apple of your eye. Why, I’d say that for every reason to move, there are at least a dozen more reasons to move. Maybe even a thousand. But for you, there need only be one. It could be because you just found a new job, or need a new job, or want a new job and you think a new job might be there. It could be because there’s where you’re going to college, or because your online girlfriend, Candybutt19, says she lives in Jacksonville, or because you heard New York is the place to be from some guy in a bar last week. Your good reason to move could actually be a bad reason to move, but even then it’s still a reason to move, like moving because you want to be an organic farmer even though you’ve never even mowed a lawn, or moving to Alaska because it’s too sunny in Arizona, or because, dang it, you just want to do something different, which isn’t even a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing. And it’s a reason why people move by the millions each year… To do something different… To try something fresh… To hear new voices, to see new sights, to taste new foods… To become someone else.

Moved by our prose? Time to find a new place to live!

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