Pros and Cons of Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa, CA, is a beautiful town just north of San Francisco. It is the county head of Sonoma County, so it has the area’s primary courthouses and government buildings. Additionally, it is located very close to wine country and serves as a business district for the area. However, perhaps its most notable characteristic is its beauty. It’s near the Russian River and other natural landmarks, and its downtown is clean and pretty.

Read on to learn the pros and cons of Santa Rosa, CA.

Positives of Santa Rosa

  • Beer, wine & food – Russian River Brewing Co. is recognized as one of the best breweries in the world, and Santa Rosa is home to a number of wineries, too. Plus, it has a great farmers’ market.
  • Economy – Santa Rosa is the government and commercial head of the northern Bay Area and wine country, giving it a strong economy. It also supports a healthy arts scene.
  • Pricing – Santa Rosa offers far cheaper housing than nearby San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.
  • Weather – Expect 60’s in the middle of the winter and 80’s in the summer. There will be some rain and fog, but generally the city gets fantastic weather that’s warmer than San Francisco, because it’s protected from the ocean.

Negatives of Santa Rosa

  • Driving is necessary – Santa Rosa is outside of the reach of the Bay Area’s public transportation, making driving necessary to get to the cities and to get to any other location, including wine country. Additionally, the city itself lacks a rapid public transit system.
  • Small – Santa Rosa is big compared to a small town, but it’s small compared to nearby San Francisco and Oakland. While for some this is a good thing, others might find it better to actually live in one of the cities rather than to commute to them.
  • Heat – Santa Rosa can top the 90’s in the summer, which is the only notch against its otherwise pristine weather.


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