Moving Your Foods

Moving to a new home does not mean you have to trash everything in your current fridge and pantry.

Of course, trashing some foods is a good idea.  Your pantry and friedge undoubtedly has some expired, mold-pocked goodies, and a head of lettuce and a package of hot dogs will not survive a sizable trip.

However, other foods, spices and condiments will survive the trip and be of immediate use to you in your new home. Plus, you won’t have to buy them again in your new place.

Here is an uncomprehensive list of foods that your should pack up and bring with you:

  • Condiments: mustard, catsup, hot sauce, peanut butter, jams, NOT mayo.
  • Spices: any spices can make the trip. Dried herbs will, too.

    Unfortunately, fresh herbs probably won’t.

  • Canned foods: beans, nuts, soups
  • Pasta/rice

Avoid Bringing:

  • Opened packages of dried food – they can spill about in transit or go stale.
  • Meats – even if frozen, getting meats to your new home will require more work than ideal. Unless you have pounds and pounds of meat, give it away.
  • Dairy and produce
  • Drinks – even if they are unopened, drinks are heavy and take up space that can be better used.

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