How to Follow a Sports Team After Moving

It happens to the best of sports fans. Work or family gets demanding, and suddenly you need to move to a new city nowhere near your favorite team. You go from watching the Braves every night to not being able to find them on TV… You go from tailgating at Vikings games with hot chocolate and grilled meat to standing in an 80-degree parking lot in Tucson, Arizona… You.. well, you get the idea.

Sports are ritualistic, and moving often ruins that ritual. However, there are some ways to follow a sports team after moving.

How to Watch a Sport Team After Moving:

  • Buy tickets – Obviously, you can buy tickets to the game when your favorite team is in town. Expensive, but fun, and a good way to justify buying nachos.
  • Sports bars – Sports bars are great for following a non-local team. In fact, they’re filled with fans doing just that. There are two different types of sports bars that can help you. First, there are bars with many TVs, all with a different game on (hopefully one being yours). Second, there are bars that support a non-local following. For example, in San Francisco, the Boardroom is known for supporting Arizona sports.
  • Online – Online is the best way to follow your favorite spots team after you move. First, ESPN, MLB and NBC all have decent streaming coverage of their games. Second, there are a TON of streams out there on free websites that allow you to watch any game you want, whether it be soccer from England, a Tuesday night Astros-Mariners game, or the Super Bowl.


Adopting the Local Team – Yeah, you like your team and all, but what about adopting your new hometown’s team(s)? Adopting your new local team is a great way to meet new friends after moving, and it’s a heck of a lot easier (and cheaper) than having to go to a sports bars to watch your old team play! 

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