Easing Your Child's Transition

Children are resilient, but a move–a total upheaval of their normal, day-to-day life–can be incredibly traumatic. Here are some things to keep in mind once the move is complete to make your child feel at home.

Moving to a new city is hard. And when you’re a child, it’s doubly so.

Before moving, you’ve already talked to your child about leaving your old home behind. You made sure to tell him or her in advance so that your child could get used to the idea and say goodbye to friends. After the difficult processof relocating is completed, however, you’re now faced with the even more difficult process of getting your child to see a new city as a new home.

Give Your Child a Voice When Moving

Let your child have a say in perhaps choosing his or her own room. Ask your child what color it should be painted, and take him or her poster shopping—anything to encourage your child’s personality in the new home. It’s also beneficial to allow him or her to make decisions or offer input on furniture placement. If your child is up for the responsibility, feel free to suggest a TV in the room!

Have Your Child Meet New Friends

Encourage your child to spend time with new friends right off the bat. Set time aside specifically after school for play dates. If your child is older, help him or her register for recreational classes at the local community center. Give your child something fresh and interesting to do in the form of art, ballet, or whatever captures his or her interest.

Let Your Child Explore His or Her New Home

Take your child to local attractions such as the park or zoo. Help him or her sign up for a library card. Within reason, embolden your child to explore the neighborhood. If the new home has fixtures that he or she might not be used to, such as an attic or pool, encourage play.

The Most Important Things to Remember:

  • Go slow and don’t push for things that might be a little scary at first
  • Moving is very traumatic for children
  • Let them maintain contact with old friends

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