Avoid Tranquilizing Your Pet on a Flight

Many people pay movers to transport their belongings across the country then fly to their new homes.  Flying can save dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars for long journeys.  But what does a person do with Mittens the cat on the flight?

Flying with a dog or cat can be a real pain, especially when the pet is easily excited.  A barking dog or panicked cat can add a lot of stress to an owner’s trip.  However, many pet advocates, including the , advise against tranquilizing pets when flying because of its dangerous side effects:

  • Tranquilizers can make breathing more difficult for many pets, a problem that becomes enhanced in the thin air of a plane’s cargo section.
  • Tranquilizers can affect a pet’s heartbeat, which can lead to problems in a stressful environment or in extreme temperatures.
  • Tranquilizers make it difficult for pets to retain their balance, which can lead to them tumbling about in turbulence.

If you really believe you need to tranquilize your pet, talk to your veterinarian first.  For more tips on how to move with your pets, check out our new pets article, Moving with Pets.

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