My MovingGuru Checklist

  • File Change of Address

    Getting your new address into all the right places may seem like a tedious task - there are so many agencies to contact! But with the Internet era's proliferation of online change-of-address forms, you can get your address updated everywhere you need to (even the DMV!) during a single lunch break.

  • Figure out type of move

    Before you start shopping around for moving services, you need to determine what kind of move you're looking at. Do you need movers to do the loading and unloading, or just the driving? Do you need movers at all? Here's how to figure it all out.

  • How much will it cost

    Hiring help for your move can get costly, but then again, isn't your own time (and lower-back health) worth something too? To hire, or to perspire? Here's how to decide when it's smart to go the DIY route and what's best left to the professionals.

  • Find movers

    Searching for a moving company online can yield thousands of results. How do you choose? There are a few key strategies to narrowing it down to the right movers for the job who you can trust with your precious belongings.

  • Find storage

    Maybe you're moving into a smaller place, or maybe your mom finally told you that you need to get your junk out of her basement (and she sounds serious this time). Either way, it's time to look for a storage unit. But which one is right for you?

  • Get moving supplies

    Moving is just a matter of getting from Point A to Point B, but if you want your stuff to arrive at Point B intact, you'll need more than a roll of trash bags and some duct tape. Here's what to get and where to get it.

  • Start packing

    Packing can seem like a daunting task, but it's just a matter of having the right supplies and avoiding common pitfalls. With a good plan of action and a few smart strategies, getting packed is a snap. Also, a few burly friends and a stack of takeout menus never hurt.

  • Transfer Electric + Gas

    Transferring Electric and Gas is easy with's connect my utilities tool. Simply add your new address and we'll get you started!

  • Transfer Internet

    Researching the best rates for cable, DSL or other forms of internet is usually time consuming. With our connect my utilities tool, we give you all the internet options in your area including current rates and discounts. It's the smart way connect!

  • Transfer Phone

    There's no reason to pay for a lot for ancient technology like phone lines. Use the connect my utilities tool and quickly see all of the telephone options side by side with current promotions. It's the smart way to save money!

  • Make your moving day preparations

    Getting ready for moving day means more than packing. It's easy for other tasks to get lost in the shuffle of boxes and bubble wrap, so here's a list of what to deal with before moving day (and what can be put off until later).

  • Get old and new places cleaned

    The best way to avoid hassles with tenants and landlords is to leave a place spotless. Best way to do that if find cleaners in your area. It's pretty easy to find good cleaners at good rates. Read on to find out how:

  • Check to see that everything was transferred

    Make a list of everything that you wanted transferred was in fact transferred. By spending a little time to walk through everything now, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle later.